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MODEL: D5T size:W1500mm x D700mm x H1580mm Electric Enclosure, Kiosk.

MODEL: D5T size:W1500mm x D700mm x H1580mm Electric Enclosure, Kiosk.


GRP Box/ Electric Kiosk / Housing / Meter Box / Cabinets / Enclosure 

D5T / D5.1  (W1500xD700xH1520/1580mm)


GRP Cabinet and Enclosure Features:

  • IP55 Dust and Water protection as standard!
  • Next day delivery available
  • Pre-mounted backboard fixings as standard
  • Unique roof rain drip system ensures 100% roof water tightness

Standard features:

  • stainless steel hinges
  • integral bolt down flanges and/or integral floors
  • padlockable door handles
  • Complete with door seals
  • IP55 dust/water protection
  • Colour: 14-C-39 British Racing Green or Other Colour Ranges available on request
  • UV stabilised external gel coat finish
  • Smooth semi-gloss finish

 Images are representative.

We can build to any size/spec

Size of box in picture W1500xD700xH1580mm  (can be made in 3 working days )

Door opening 2 x 640x1220mm (1280wX1220h).




All our items are brand new and they are made from strong and flexible, high quality materials  GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) produced in our factory in Nottingham.

Our prices are cheapest because we are manufacturer!!! 

We could make any body part:

making a models/getting mould of a model/to make a copy and install it...

so we could do any project from design to installation


For the correct installation of the body-styling parts is essential knowledge of the properties GRP .When you decide to buy the parts, you agree with the fact that some of them may require more or less adapt to ensure a perfect fit. It is recommended that the buyer has entrusted the installation of the expert

Parts must to be prepared and trial fitted to the car before painting.



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GRP Electric Enclosure, Kiosk, Cabinet, Meter Box, Housing


Weight: 70 KgQuantity in stock: Unlimited

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